01. Current data is actionable know how
The key to prevent sick leaves is to use the most current knowledge of your employees to gain health and succes in your business. With Woba you can now monitor your employees’ job satisfaction in real time and see how they are doing right now! Woba’s survey is a brief questionnaire that asks employees about burdens and resources in their working environment every 14 days, every month or according to your needs. The individual employee always receives concrete and personal suggestions to improve his well-being in order to create a preventive awareness of the user.
2. Real time insights
Wobas dashboard gives HR partners, managers, leaders or teams access to see the most current feedback from your employees with visual highlights of weaknesses, risks and strengths. In addition the dashboard will automatically deliver you the actions plans (PDF download) you need to improve the areas of concern, so you can take action before a sick leave occurs.
03. Automated reports and actions plans
From your dashbord you (HR, mangers, leaders or teams) can find out what the problems are before they turn into sick leaves and download the automated actions plans you need to improve the identified risks.