Woba is digital platform (iOS, Android and Web) that makes it possible to continuously monitor the employees’ job satisfaction and make improvements to their work environment. Woba collects your employees’ anonymous feedback in the live dashboard, where you will be able to see and download the results in real time. This gives you the insights you need to prevent sick leaves and achieve your business goals.

Choose the product that will solve your challenges at your work place:

  • Continuous Job Satisfaction survey
  • Work Environment survey
  • Or a custom white-label solution

Woba offers a unique and valuable user experience! Woba is translated to +20 language, our surveys only takes a few minutes to answer and the design is based on years of user experience. In addition, the individual employee always receives personal suggestions to improve his or her own well-being at work to make every experience with Woba valuable. This is why our response rates are so high!

Because every business work environment has its unique DNA, we have designed Woba as a toolbox. A toolbox that contains both standard products (Engagement surveys, Security & Safety surveys etc.) and custom white-label solutions, where you can tailor your own survey and design for your business. Every product is build on the last research (NFA) and in that way increases the possibility to solve your particular challenges.

Job Satisfaction Survey
Wobas job satisfaction survey collects employee feedback continuously and gives your business an opportunity to see how your employees are doing and the actionable insights you need to prevent the identified risk at work. You can either choose a standard survey for your industry or a custom white-label solution, which will be tailored for your business.
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Real time dashboard
Access to your own dashboard is included when you buy a product from Wobas toolbox. Wobas dashboard gives HR partners, managers, leaders or teams access to see the most current feedback from your employees with visual highlights of weaknesses, risks and strengths. In addition the dashboard will automatically deliver you the actions plans (PDF download) you need to improve the areas of concern, so you can take action before a sick leave occurs.
Work Environment Survey
We offer your business to take the statutory workplace survey on mobile, tablet or computer with Woba. You can choose to have your own questionnaires (teams / departments) and company logo added to the app to match your unique working environment and industry.
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