If your business wants to have a more clear focus on a healthy working environment, you should invest some hours in our skilled keynote speakers!
We offer the following talks and workshops:
How to create clever prevention?

With a starting point in research-based knowledge from occupational psychology, Malene Madsen will introduce you to the latest knowledge on how prevention is possible in modern organizations. Additionally she will do away with the most common myths about the reason for sick leaves.

Prevention at an early stage

This talks will give you an insight about that there is a paradox in the fact that despite companies never having spent more money on job satisfaction tools than now, the present sick leave curve is still steadily increasing. The keynote speaker will give you an insight into why this is so and also present a possible solution to the problem.

The reason for sick leaves?

In this talk, you will learn more about how the corporates job satisfaction management up until now has had a wrong focus. Science shows that they have focused too much on the individual and not on the sources to sick leaves which has resulted in an expensive symptom treatment.

The keynote speaker will thus provide you with some good news – namely, a new and science backed commercial solution for preventing risks before any injuries or sick leaves arise – the platform Woba.