How to create clever prevention?

With a starting point in research-based knowledge from occupational psychology, stress prevention, and the psychological work environment, Malene Madsen (cand.mag in Occupational Psychology & Philosophy) and Mikkel Bindesbøl (cand.san. in Health Promotion & Occupational Psychology) will introduce you to the latest knowledge on how preventing sick leaves is possible in modern organizations. Additionally, we will do away with the most common myths about the courses behind sick leaves. We will also touch upon a more sociological explanation of the paradox of why the sick leave curve is steadily rising in spite of companies never having spent more money on stress management and job satisfaction tools than they do now.

It is possible to prevent sick leaves by improving the work environment and job satisfaction. The keynote speaker will unveil how it is now possible to track the underlying sources of stress in the work life with the new preventive work environment app, Woba. For the first time ever with Woba, it is possible to continuously measure the job satisfaction and work environment in real time, making it possible to intervene proactively before stress results in a sick leave.

Follow-up workshop

Together, we will get to know Woba. All participants will have the opportunity to download the app and test their own personal Woba, in order to see whether the digital platform can provide their place of employment with value. We’ll end with a joint discussion on the future of preventive efforts.

After the talk and workshop, the participants will:

Efter foredraget vil deltagerne:

Have been updated on the latest scientific knowledge on stress
Have learned how to spot the underlying sources of stress in the work life
Have gained a new perspective on sick leave prevention with Woba as the work environment tool of the future