Catch stress at an early stage

In Malene Madsen (MA. In Work Psychology & Philosophy) and Mikkel Bindesbøl’s (MA. in Health promotion & Occupational Psychology) thesis, they realized that there is a paradox in the fact that despite companies never having spent more money on stress management tools than now, the present stress curve is still steadily increasing. The two speakers will give you an insight into why this is so and also present a possible solution to the problem.

In this talk, you will learn more about how the corporate stress management up until now has focused too much on the individual and the symptoms of stress. In this talk, we will, based on our thesis results, focus on the causes and driving forces of stress.

Meaning, that we will provide you with a far more sociological angle on which societal conditions, within the recent decades, have played a role in creating new changes within organizations that may be contributory in increasing the risk of stress, if they are not managed internally in companies. We will, however, not focus solely on problems, but also present a new digital solution for the modern work life that may help stop the increasing stress curve. We will therefore end with good news – namely, a new and science backed commercial solution for improving the psychological work environment and prevent stress before any injuries arise – the application Woba.

Follow-up workshop

Together, we will get to know Woba. All participants will have the opportunity to download the app and test their own personal Woba, in order to see whether the digital platform can provide their place of employment with value. We’ll end with a joint discussion on the future of stress preventive efforts.

After the talk and workshop, the participants will:

Efter foredraget vil deltagerne:

Have been updated on the latest scientific knowledge on stress
Have learned how to spot the underlying sources of stress in the work life
Have gained a new perspective on stress prevention with Woba as the work environment tool of the future